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Halloween – Mickey and Minnie Family Costumes

Halloween – Mickey and Minnie Family Costumes

I love Halloween! I love it so much that I celebrate it all month long. If given the chance, I would go to a harvest festival, pumpkin carving, haunted house, etc every single day of the week.

This year, we went to Raleigh for Halloween. Since my husband is a Very Cool Human, and wouldn’t normally be caught dead in matching costumes (or any costume) – I took the opportunity of being out of town and away from anybody we knew to dress him up. He’s a hard sell. The costume can’t be overly silly, no makeup, must be comfortable.

My son loves Mickey Mouse, so I picked up a costume for him. The look on his face when he saw he was Mickey Mouse – priceless!

Then I got to work on assembling a costume for a man that wanted to feel like it was just a regular day. In the end, he looked like a more “authentic” Mickey than the store-bought costumes, and for a fraction of the cost. Everything for him was from Amazon, and I bought my skirt and top on Wish.

DIY Mickey Mouse costume

Mickey Costume Must-Haves

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Minnie Mouse Costume Must-Haves

  • Minnie Mouse Ears – Wish App ($1)
  • Keyhole bodysuit – Amazon ($14.99)
  • Red polka dot Minnie Mouse skirt – Wish App ($8.50)
  • Yellow ballet flats – Amazon ($10.99)

Fabulous, right? The men’s costume is casual, and the women’s costume is pretty but not overtly sexy. I even Mickey-ed my nails!


So on Halloween morning, we woke my son up at 4am to catch the flight to Raleigh. We figured he would sleep on the ride to the airport.

He did not.

Then we figured he would sleep on the plane.

He did not.

Then we figured he would sleep in the rental car… or maybe at the hotel?

No, and no. He was so excited to check out this new place! We decided on a nearby mall for some trick or treating. He’s only a year and a half old, after all. Well… what does he do? He falls asleep the minute he gets there.

Yes that is a second Mickey costume, don’t judge me I’m from Miami and didn’t know what the weather would be like!

Uhh… buddy? Mommy has been planning this for a month. Your father is wearing yellow shoes. Mommy currently looks like this:

We walked around, smiled at adorable babies in their costumes, and finally admitted defeat. We figured he was out for the night, right? He had, after all, been awake since 4am. We found a beer and wine bar and told ourselves that we hadn’t had a “Mommy and Daddy” day in a long time anyway. So we sat down for dinner and drinks. Well… look who decides to wake up. Oh, child. Your timing is the worst. So now our child is awake, and crabby, at a bar, on Halloween. It was kind of funny (and we left soon after that).

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