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And, with that, she was back.

And, with that, she was back.

Hey guys, remember me? It’s been what, 10 years? was an internet sensation, followed by fans from all over the globe. It was Paris Hilton, Kitson, Juicy Couture velour tracksuits, and me.

Then, I forgot to renew my domain name one fateful afternoon (pretty sure it was raining… it’s always raining when horrible things happen). Some Indian company picked it up, since it was a high-traffic site, and began publishing a bunch of garbage. Gone was all my work. I bought – but it was never the same. I stopped blogging.

So let’s recap. My original site was:

  • Full of curse words – often unnecessary ones
  • A refuge where I jotted down stories that were pointless – a blog about nothing. The Seinfeld of the internet, if you will.
  • A place where I shared my incredibly novice sewing adventures. Such gems as:

bunnygoboom amazing diy pieces that you are very jealous of

After seeing the above image, surely you have some questions – which I will leave unanswered, because it is actually better that way. I will tell you though, that I still own those fabulous plaid pants.

Much has changed in the last 10 years. I’m married – and player 3 has entered the game. My crazy Mason came to us in April 2016, and now, well – who am I? This isn’t the blog about DIY projects, fun nights out with my friends, and crazy times with my boyfriend Anthony.

Now it’s going to be the anti-Mommy blog. The Mommy blog for the Mommy who used to be Bunny Go Boom, and then woke up one day and figured out that she still is. Stay tuned.



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